Toot How-To : Intro to Mastodon


UPDATED VERSION Mastodon is a social media platform that is similar to Twitter in that you can post short(ish) updates (called toots!) to a network where people can like and share your posts as well as interact with and follow you. Mastodon is decentralized, so there is no one single website for it, just like there is […]

Photoshop Harassment


“Don’t feed the trolls!” I hear them shout from their comfortable computer chairs. There’s something about bystanders that make them feel like they can make objective, moral decisions from the sidelines. They will decide what is worth your time. They will tell you what is in your best interest. The men will tell women what […]

How To Fail At Social Media – Restaurant Edition


Let’s start from the beginning. In January of 2014, I took my then boyfriend to dinner at a restaurant in Studio City, Los Angeles called The Village. While they are usually really crowded and loud, I really like their food and they serve good beer. We had an excellent dinner, and I tweeted as much […]

Social Media Tips – Brand Humanity


The research has already been done for you. People want brands that act like people, not businesses. Emotional connection is the most powerful and sought-after prize in marketing. So how does that translate to social media?   Don’t Be That Guy No one likes that friend who only talks about themselves. The people you like […]