Short Story : Going Home


I asked over on Mastodon for some suggestions for short story subjects. GOING HOME It was dark. When had it gotten dark? The cold had already numbed her feet, but she continued walking. It felt like she didn’t even have to think about walking anymore. It was something that her body was just… doing. She […]

A Little Bit Wet


Everything was always a little bit wet. The summers in Pennsylvania are sometimes grossly humid. Much of the time was spent hoping for a thunderstorm to come along and break the heat for a few hours. It was the first day of summer vacation. I’d set up the tent the night before. We didn’t have […]

I Should Have Been Aborted


My parent’s marriage certificate hung in the hallway outside their bedroom. I was maybe 8 years old when I took the time one day to figure out that April and October of the same year were only 6 months apart. I had never seen any wedding photos, and suddenly it all made sense. My mother got […]

Your Own Personal Fiction


I was 7 years old when The Land Before Time debuted in theatres. I loved dinosaurs just as many children did growing up. My favorite character was Ducky followed closely by Spike. I eventually had it on VHS and would watch it fairly often. And every time I popped that tape in, my mom would […]

Another Snail Massacre


It’s been raining. There are fancy live/work lofts near my much less fancy home. And when it rains, the sidewalk in front of the building is covered in snails within hours. The problem is that when it’s dark, the snails look like leaves and other debris on the sidewalk. It makes for a lot of slimy […]