Toot How-To : Intro to Mastodon


UPDATED VERSION Mastodon is a social media platform that is similar to Twitter in that you can post short(ish) updates (called toots!) to a network where people can like and share your posts as well as interact with and follow you. Mastodon is decentralized, so there is no one single website for it, just like there is […]

“I Wish I Could Help!”


Anyone who’s followed my Twitter or other social media for the past… few years knows that I’ve gotten increasingly frustrated. This is due to many, many things. But I wanted to give you a little insight into a bit of that. People are constantly telling me how they watch/download/read/consume my content. But when confronted with […]

How To Support Your Creator Friends


Hi there! You are probably reading this because you are one of two types of people – you are either a creator, or you are friends with one. And if you are the latter, don’t worry. I’ve written this out in blog form instead of a video or audio format because you are probably at some […]

Love Me, Love My Phone


A statue of two women taking a selfie was put up at the town hall of Sugar Land, Texas, USA. And a lot of people lost their shit over it. What about two women happily enjoying connecting to the world through technology is so utterly offensive to so many? I’m sure there’s some gross sexism […]

Save The Children


Something happened to my attitude about having children after my mom died. As a child, I had never played with dolls or had any inclination I’d want a child of my own. I was an unapologetic “tomboy” up until puberty, but even after that I never thought of wanting a family. It may have been […]

Full Of Yourself


I’m reminded on a daily basis that I’m not supposed to like myself. That I do not have permission to feel good. That I need to change – be quieter, wear more make-up, wear less make-up, be sexy, be ashamed, be younger, change your hair, change your body, change your feelings. And I’m also reminded how I am not […]

Sharing Is Caring


I’ve written before about sharing and not sharing your problems. I’ve been doing this for over a year now, and I want to share with you where sharing has gotten me. Did I use the word sharing enough yet? Over the past year, I’ve been shown how much sharing my life and struggles with people has […]

I Wish I Had Cancer


Last year, when I was in the deepest depression I can ever remember being in, I wished for a lot of things. I wished for help. I wished for the pain to stop. I wished for someone to love me. I wished for people to care about me. And I distinctly remember wishing I had […]

The Share Is A Lie – Everyone Is Not Okay


Today, a story came out about yet another celebrity comedian who has dealt with debilitating depression. “People are like, ‘Wayne Brady’s always happy!’ No I’m not. Because I’m human.” – Wayne Brady This is something that people who are in the public eye have dealt with for decades. But now, with social media we can […]

Love, Sharing, And The Pain Of Reality


I have been having some very hard days. Yesterday I laid in bed for 13 hours, only sleeping some of that time. This happens when I am running low on an essential to my life (like a health meter in an RPG). So I thought I would just start writing and see what came out. […]